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Meet the team

Achieve Your Academic Goals with Prodigy Prep

At Prodigy Prep, we are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals through our comprehensive test preparation and college counseling services. Our team of experienced educators is passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential and succeed in their academic pursuits.

We offer specialized test prep services for the SAT/PSAT, LSAT (coming soon), and MCAT (coming soon), as well as personalized college counseling to help students navigate the admissions process. Our approach combines expert instruction with personalized attention, ensuring that each student receives the support they need to succeed.

Our Expert Instructors

Zeeshan Bhalwani
Founder and Head Instructor

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Meet Zeeshan, the visionary founder and head instructor at Prodigy Prep. Currently a junior at Brown University, Zeeshan is on a mission to democratize education and instill a love for learning in every student. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science, Zeeshan discovered his passion for teaching during high school, where he began tutoring peers in subjects ranging from Calculus to APUSH and the SAT with over 2000 hours of teaching experience.

Recognizing standardized testing as a conquerable science, Zeeshan believes that with the right strategies and practice, anyone can excel, regardless of their initial academic prowess. His commitment to accessibility and joy in education led him to develop a comprehensive curriculum for the new Digital SAT.

Beyond the classroom, Zeeshan has gained practical experience through two software engineering internships at Fortune 500 companies. Currently consulting for Charles Schwab while navigating his academic journey, Zeeshan seamlessly integrates real-world expertise into his teaching.

In his free time, Zeeshan is a multi-faceted individual. Whether sinking three-pointers on the basketball court, watching the thrilling world of F1, practicing archery, or exploring new cultures during his travels (with a goal to visit 30 countries by 30), Zeeshan brings a dynamic perspective to education at Prodigy Prep. Join Zeeshan on a journey to master the art of learning and achieve success in your academic endeavors.

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